MAHAVIR COMPUTER ACADEMY is the biggest educational organization which provides a great platform in the IT sector in the Indian sub-continent. It is An ISO 9001-2015 Certified Company having a mission to promote IT education and awareness to provide a strong plinth to construct their bright future and career. It is an independent Computer Education Institute conducting computer-oriented courses. It established to cater to the basic needs of computer education.

It is a matter of great proud and pleased that our country is a fast developing country in the economy, education, science & technology etc. India is a large population that needs to enhance human capital to be a developed country. In a study conducted by the World Bank, it has been found that the role of human capital in development is far more important than physical capital. For India, it has been estimated that access to at least 25% of the relevant age group, between 17 to 23 in high education in necessary to ensure development on a par with the needs of the day.

In this context, MAHAVIR COMPUTER ACADEMY initiated a program to provide IT education in various grades and courses to the people of the Indian sub-continent. MCA is committed to embracing an inclusive quality assurance culture, and services are the highest quality in the IT education and training industry.

Our organization is committed and dedicated to achieving the goal to maintain a learner focus providing accessible and quality education to directly prepare our students for further study, or careers in the I.T. and Business global economies.

Now when different reforms are taking place in the field of education in our society students are contributing at the international level, but the Centers for Higher Education is charging so heavily that the common person is getting no benefits of it. Therefore, we have taken a small step to enable those weaker sections of the society who are unable to seek admission in those training centers. Today we are having a large range of Computer Centers in various states from where many of students are earning name and fame after doing different computer courses successfully!

Therefor wall into our center for nomination and shake hands with us in this effort in the direction of the social welfare.